interior design - Serviced Apartments - 250 x in Köln, Essen, Frankfurt und ab 2017 Hamburg / ipartment



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Concept needs design – design needs concept.

This is what Annette Meijerink and Britta Bergner of the Bergner Meijerink planning group say. Together we have developed our interior design concept. 

How would you describe the interior design concept of ipartment?

A modern interior with timeless elegant furniture, quiet colors and well-designed details for urban living. 


What was one of the main challenges when developing this concept? 

The biggest challenge is – like with every new ipartment project - to structure a well developed floor plan. The guest must experience the highest possible living standard in every category.

Therefore we have to plan each living area as efficient as possible. To achieve the best layout, sometimes even entire floors have to be hollowed out in order to build new room structures.


What did you pay special attention to?

To us it’s always important to use the surfaces optimally and to develop at the same time a sensible, pleasant and comfortable layout for the guest. We work with open and flowing spaces, but we also allocate individual zones of functional areas to the floor plan. Therefore built-in furniture is an essential component and the quality of design has to meet our high expectations. However, we also place great importance on the selection of colours and textiles.


What is the highlight of this concept? 

Definitely the floor plans and the use of space in the XS and S apartments. The layout certainly contributes to the fact that guests always return and sometimes they stay for an even longer period, some do „live“ here. 


Are there special characteristics in a certain location?

The characteristics refer rather to a certain building, not to a city. We try to do the building justice when designing the apartments’ interiors. In the typical Cologne constructions of the 50s with tiled facades, you will find a different color design to a historical 19th century building, where we have to follow certain color specifications of the Historical Monuments Office, e.g. on the staircase or on the facade. 


How does this job differ from other jobs you normally do? 

Our special relationship with ipartment is based on the fact that we started the interior concept with the very first apartment. This is how the concept developed steadily with every new flat since 2009, without losing the basic philosophy. Through such a long collaboration, we’ve got to know each other very well and the confidence ipatment places in us and our business, enables us to work freely and to rethink the concept time and again. This is how colours and textiles developed from object to object without losing their recognition value.

What inspires you?

We get a lot of inspiration from journeys and trade-fairs, magazines and illustrated books including interior design blogs. However the most important thing with the beginning of every project is indeed the exchange of ideas and an intense brainstorming session. The respective building itself can also be a source of inspiration for us. Often we get ideas already when entering the apartment for the first time, and we envisage how we could work with the material and the space. A good example is certainly the lobby and the lounge and restaurant area in the ipartment Frankfurt. 


What are your next projects?

At the moment we are working with a lot of private clients, who are the future residents of the apartments that we are designing. Furthermore, we are working on our favorite project: our label „Coloured By“ founded in 2010 and its online shop. Of course we are looking forward to start planning the new ipartment project in Hamburg Hafencity!