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Food and drinks in Frankfurt

You worked enough! Let's call it a day! Are you hungry, thirsty and new in town? Here our restaurant guide.

"Pretty, ugly, cool, hip, boring, gentrified... These are probably the common attributes you hear when you tell non-Frankfurters about your shorter or longer stay in the Main metropolis. It's all true, because Frankfurt is one thing above all: contrasting, diverse.

Locals, on the other hand, feel a close bond with their city, they rave about the unpretentious cosmopolitan mix, not to mention the cultural and artistic offerings. In short: Frankfurt demands and deserves a second and third look when you come from outside.

Around 180 nations live in the city, which makes it unique in terms of size. And as colorfully mixed as the people in the financial metropolis are, so richly are the tables set here. Let's limit ourselves to the next and the next-but-one eateries on your ipartment doorstep in the Bahnhofsviertel and Europaviertel. In culinary terms, a lot has happened in recent years. And – for all its hipness: the Ebbelwoi tradition must not be forgotten in the process."

Main station quarter and the surroundings

Da Vinc

Let's start with the most obvious: the small but fine Italian restaurant Da Vinc at home. Not only can you reach it on foot, but it only takes one lift ride to sit at the table. Here you'll find the typical Italian basics, two kinds of soups, a nice selection of pasta dishes and a manageable number of fish and meat dishes according to the daily specials. And if you don't feel like going out, you can simply take the food back to your flat. (Kölner Str. 4)

Maxie Eisen

Maxie Eisen is a bar and salon with exquisite food and drinks. But above all, the two venues are hip and popular until late at night. A pioneering address that brought new momentum to the Bahnhofsviertel a few years ago. Fittingly, the location was named after the Chicago gangster with German roots from the 1920s, Maxie Eisen. The founders, the successful Frankfurt restaurateurs James and David Ardinast, are active only in the background nowadays, concentrating more on the addition to their gastro concept: The Shuka Bar. The Maxie Eisen, however, is still a hot spot in the – let's say – rather notorious district. The changing menu is available in the salon, delicious snacks next door at the bar. (Münchener Straße 18)

Seven Swans

In Frankfurt's narrowest house you'll find great vegetable cuisine. The vegan restaurant Seven Swans is one of the city's trendsetters and is regularly awarded with a Michelin star for its creative dishes. The ingredients come not only from the region, but also from the restaurant's own garden. Chef Ricky Saward does not use imported products such as lemons, avocados and exotic spices. Instead, he collects, dries, smokes and ferments almost every green thing that grows here and creates exciting dishes. It goes without saying that the interior was not left to chance: It is exquisitely styled through to the roof. (Mainkai 4)

Bar Shuka

On the menu and on the plates, the Shuka Bar restaurant unites Israel and Palestine as one could only wish. The "New Tel Aviv Cuisine" is located in the 25hours Hotel The Trip and is reminiscent of an oriental market including a show kitchen and offers a culinary foray through Levantine cuisine. With a touch of Frankfurt, of course: The green sauce is made from Mediterranean herbs, the pita bread comes fresh from the oven, chickpeas are available in all varieties and the Jerusalem kebap is prepared over an open fire. (Niddastr. 58)

Pizzeria Montana

Hip, chic, colourful - and above all, Neapolitan pizza that is simply delicious without much fuss! The dough is allowed to rest for 48 hours, but the finished product comes out of the 450-degree stone oven after only 60 seconds. This dominates the back of the restaurant in the look of a yellow smiley, but don't let that confuse you: Because the pizza selection is manageable and delicious. But all preferences are considered: with or without toppings from the Italian salumeria. Pizza Diavolo with caramelised onions is the local hit. (Weser Str. 14)

Le Petit Royal

The most famous steakhouse in the republic, Grill Royal, arrived in Frankfurt a few years ago with Le Petit Royal. In other words, grill classics like wild-caught prawns, chauteaubriand, bouillabaisse, all the premium steaks and truffled potato mousseline have made the leap from the Spree to the Main. Oysters, caviar, lobster – have since become a matter of course in the Main metropolis. The atmosphere is predictably chic with elegant French flair. The restaurant is located in the basement, but in the beautiful Gründerzeit villa complex that the Althoff Hotel Group has transformed into the Ameron Neckarvillen boutique hotel – on the edge of the main station quarter! (Neckarstr. 13)

French Bento Bar

This bar is primarily a bar – with only a small bar food menu. And yet it should be mentioned here, because anyone dining at Le Petit Royal should meet here for an aperitif. French elegance is continued here with Japanese influences. The French Bento Bar is famous for its signature drinks and loved for its highballs and homemade lemonades. All in all: chic and much more than a conventional hotel bar. (Neckarstr.13)


In close proximity to the opera, theatre and comedy hall, Hai Minh Hoang runs his restaurant L'Arôme. Born in Vietnam, he left his mark in Frankfurt's top restaurants – before deciding to set up his own cooker. Now he serves his cosmopolitan European-Asian cuisine in one of the best corners of the city. Behind the counter, guests can watch him front-cooking. Upstairs, things are quieter. Fresh aromatic cuisine and exciting igredients are every day a must. Did someone ask for dumplings? Definitely try them here, with nut brittle plus foie gras. The only drawback: usually only menus of four courses or more are being offered. (Neue Mainzer Straße 20)

Kleinmarkthalle und Schlemmergarten

The people of Frankfurt say their market hall is the belly and heart of the city. Here, in the immediate vicinity of the Römer (medieval city hall) and Zeil (shopping mile), you can get all international specialities, regional delicacies, fresh fruit and vegetables, daily fresh fish and, and, and... Of course, you can also have lunch in the market hall: many traders offer snacks at small tables, and on the first floor you will find the "Markt-Stubb". There you'll find simple but well-made regional specialities as: green cabbage, sausages and schnitzel. (Hasengasse 5-7)

A few meters away

Da Marietto

It is said that many people made a pilgrimage to the Westend (quarter in Frankfurt) for ravioli with butter and sage. Which means: Da Marietto is one of the long-established traditional Italian restaurants that really know their business. Fillets and daily fresh fish come off the grill, and depending on the season, chanterelles or truffles adorn the pasta. The family business is solid, yet casual. (Feuerbachstr. 25)

Restaurant Goldmund in the Literaturhaus

French cuisine meets German tradition at Brasserie Goldmund, but with a modern interpretation and a glamorous interior. Unlike many other places with big-city charm, you can eat à la carte here. 4-, 5- and 6-course menus are also available, of course. But for the classics alone, like roasted quail on porcini mushroom risotto or Coquille Saint Jacques on cucumber mustard saffron relish, it's worth a walk along the Main River. (Schöne Aussicht 2)

Cider! The so called "Äppelwoi" rules!

No, it's not just the skyline and the financial world that dominate the action in Frankfurt, it has its cozy side also. Where? You should visit the pubs where the Hessian national drink is served generously and with pleasure. Ebbelwei, Ebbelwoi, Äppelwoi – the dialect makes it difficult, but what is always meant is pressed apple juice poured from the Bembel (jug) into the Gerippte (glass) – with around 5.5 percent alcohol content.

The three pubs mentioned are the most popular, cozy and traditional in the city. In the rustic houses you sit at long wooden tables, eat regional specialties such as Grie Soß, i.e. green sauce with eggs and potatoes, sausages, ribs, sauerkraut and quickly get into conversation with the table neighbors: In the evening, the restaurants are usually packed. Is it touristic? Yes, but it doesn't matter, because it's nice and fun. (Apfelwein Dax, Alt-Sachsenhausen, Willemerstraße 11 / Fichtekränzi, Alt-Sachsenhausen, Wallstraße 5 / Apfelwein Solzer, in Bornheim, Berger Str. 260)