Cologne, 28. March 2023

Breakfast in Hamburg

There's nothing like a good start to the day? You can find coffee and co. here in our Breakfast Club.

Let's face it: during the week, things usually have to happen quickly, and there's often only enough time for a coffee to go. You can get a French roll with it on almost every corner in Hamburg. And for a more substantial breakfast, here are four special tips that will make your start to the day particularly pleasant and delicious. They are situated more or less on your doorstep in the Hafencity and Eimsbüttel.

Breakfast in the Hafencity


You'll find two Surfkitchens in the Hafencity. Both cafés are located on the waterfront with a pretty terrace, but are only partly suitable for a quick coffee stop during the week – they open at 10 am. At the weekends, however, it's worth the trip to wake up: breakfast is served until 5 pm! And the menu leaves nothing to be desired: Bowls, bagels, bacon and all kinds of eggs. Each plate is lavishly decorated with vitamins on the side. And the egg drop sandwich is a must-order here, so to speak. Surfers and non-surfers alike make a pilgrimage from afar to the Hafencity for this. (Am Kaiserkai 1 and Hongkongstr. 2-4)

Klein und Kaiserlich

The Austrian K.u.K. coffee house has been in the Hafencity since 2009 – and fortunately nothing has changed at Klein und Kaiserlich: Large glass front, cosy gallery floor, leafy terrace, and Emperor Franz and Sissi still call the shots on the menu. In other words, all Viennese coffee specialities from "Kleiner Brauner" to "Melange" are available. Breakfast arrangements such as "Salzburg", "Vienna" or "Hamburg" are sumptuous and delicious, and of course there are sandwiches and pastries such as Buchteln and Kaiserschmarrn. You could seamlessly move on to Sacher cake and other imperial cakes. (Am Kaiserkai 26)

Wildes Fräulein

Servus and Grüezi instead of Ahoy. At the Wildes Fräulein, the concrete of the Hafencity meets Bavarian cottage romance with massive wooden tables, check cushions and cowbells. The menu is also dedicated to the delicacies of the Alps and Pre-Alps. Croissants, Bircher muesli, hearty mountain breakfast and white sausages. All hungry people with a longing for the Alps are guaranteed to be full and happy here, the only thing missing is the tiled stove or crackling open fire. Those who prefer to come for lunch can choose between snacks, hearty soups, Allgäu cheese spaetzle and game salads. (Überseeboulevard 2)

Breakfast in Eimsbüttel

Café Kropkå

Handpicked and homemade is the motto at the small Café Kropkå: The coffee comes from a small roastery in Lübeck, the bread from the wood-fired oven and the milk from happy cows. Of course, jam and cakes are made in the kitchen. If you're not much of a breakfast person, it's also worth visiting for a midday snack: country breads are topped with braised mushrooms, avocado, creamy cream cheese or crispy bacon. Everything is fresh and tasty, and in the nicest surroundings. (Eppendorfer Weg 174)


Assuming the sun is shining and the temperatures are acceptable, the terrace of the Herzstück is the place to be in Eimsbüttel and to start the day in a good mood. The breakfast offer may not be abundant, but there is something for every taste. Overnight muesli, fruit bowl, avocado roll, scrambled eggs with freshly toasted farmhouse bread. All freshly and deliciously prepared and served with love. Breakfast is just the beginning, the Herzstück is also an excellent and uncomplicated place for lunch and dinner. And if it should rain in Hamburg, the seats inside are well worth it as well. (Osterstraße 10-12)