Cologne, 16. November 2022

Breakfast in Cologne

There's nothing like a good start to the day? You can find coffee and co. here in our Breakfast Club.

The people of Cologne love breakfast and brunch, so the choice of venues is huge. Here you find a small selection. For breakfast at your ipartment doorstep, if you prefer a quick breakfast during the week, and a few spots, if you want to enjoy and take your time on Saturdays and Sundays with fancy pancakes, eggs Benedict etc.

Coffee at the ipartment doorstep in Cologne City

Whether your second home is currently at Hildeboldplatz 9, Gereonswall 132 or Flandrische Straße 8 - head to Aachener Straße! A short walk for a quick coffee or cappuccino or even some eggs, muesli etc. is definitely worth it. On the stretch between Brabanter and Brüsseler street, they line up. All fine, all with outdoor seating, all open from 9am:

Balthasar (Aachener Str. 18)
moxxa caffè (Aachener Str. 22)
Café im Bauturm (Aachener Str. 24)
Salon Schmitz (Aachener Str. 28)

If you have to leave earlier, these two addresses in the neighborhood are a great recommendation with top coffee, delicious food on hand and daily newspaper. Both with outdoor terrace, both open from 8 am.

Kaffeesaurus (Friesenplatz 15)
Woyton (Bismarckstr. 44)

Coffee at the ipartment doorstep in Cologne Deutz

When you live north of the Deutzer train station, the St. Louis Café is located south. In any case the way is worthwhile and the cafe is considered to be the pearl on the "Schäl Sick", the so called the right bank of the river Rhine. It serves coffee, sandwiches, brioches, and all kinds of international breakfast specialties, starting already at 8 a.m. (Deutzer Freiheit 89)

Coffee at the ipartment doorstep in Cologne Mülheim

In the heart of Mülheim the Café Jakubowski, is a real institution by now. It's a short walk from your address at Clevischer Ring. However, it's more of a breakfast recommendation for the weekend, it starts only at 10 a.m. with porrdige, muesli, scrambled eggs.

Hot spots for the weekend in the city

It may take a while to get a seat at Café Buur, as it is the spot of the blogger scene in the Belgian Quarter. The successful concept of pancakes, scrambled egg variations and international specialties like shakshuka has been expanded to three other German cities and even to Dubai. Vegans also get their money's worth here. (Richard-Wagner-Str. 28)

Neobiota is a gret place also located in the city centre. Breakfast in the morning, star level in the evening. It goes without saying that everything is homemade, from Bircher muesli to cinnamon buns. The glass corner eatery is tucked away and also offers outdoor seating. (Ehrenstraße 43c/corner of Kleine Brinkgasse)

There is a saying: No beer before four (vier)? Of course! But the city's most modern brewery tempts visitors already in the morning with the best Schäfer breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays. From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Brauhaus Schäfer serves sandwiches, pancakes, red beet shakshuka, bites of minced pork and egg specialties. After that, maybe there's time for a Kölsch? (Elsaßstr. 6)

In general, breakfast is a big deal in the "Südstadt". There are countless good addresses, such as Café Walter (An der Bottmühle 13), Epicerie Boucherie (Elsaßstr. 3) or Geschnitten Brot (Alteburger Str. 28)