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Food and drinks in Hamburg Eimbüttel

You worked enough! Let's call it a day! Are you hungry, thirsty and new in town? Here our restaurant guide.

Hamburg, the pearl of the north, the gateway to the world. Is there really any need to explain this metropolis? Or may you just be congratulated if your longstay lasts a little longer than the usual three-day trip of an average Hamburg tourist? Anyway Germany's second largest city can hardly be explained, you have to experience it on your own. Smell the sea air and watch the boats, be amazed when the locals still greet you with a friendly "Moin" in the evening. Hamburg is a city trip and a beach vacation in one. Hamburg is loud and quiet at the same time. Hamburg is hip and rough and also elegant. Hamburg is the Reeperbahn and Blankenese. Hamburg is club culture and Elbphilharmonie. The breeze is as much a part of the Hanseatic city as sea shanties and French cinnamon rolls. Or was it fish rolls? It doesn't really matter as the culinary diversity is enormous. Let's stick to the hand-picked recommendations of restaurants near the ipartment addresses Hafencity/Speicherstadt as well as Eimsbüttel.

Eimsbüttel – green and vibrant. A district with few tourists and a lot of charme

Al Volo

Not doing so well with Italian yet? Never mind, let's start with the most obvious. Al volo - through the air. That's how the pizza flies before it's deliciously topped at the extremely popular neighborhood Italian restaurant. This is not unimportant, because there are pizzas at Al Volo with a diameter of 50 centimeters served crispy for the whole table. Otherwise, the offer is concentrated on antipasti, pasta, dolce. However, there are southern Italian specialties not found on every menu like arancini, parmigiana or fragola sarda. (Eppendorfer Weg 211)


If you love Far Eastern culture, you should go to the Garduong. Not only are the dishes traditional and authentic, but the entire furniture was assembled and made in Vietnam. So the restaurant is not dominated by conventional Asian kitsch, but exotic lightness with lots of wood and bamboo. Similar to the dishes, whether cooked soups or juicy bánh baos. The dishes are all very freshly prepared and easily pass as aromatic highlights. Sometimes sweet and sour, sometimes hot and spicy with mango, lime and coconut. You can drink Saigon or Tiger beer, cocktails or choose between 14 homemade lemonades and 13 exotic teas, such as Hot Goji. (Eppendorfer Weg 200)

Vienna Hamburg

No reservations, 30 seats and a few more at the high counter. You may have to wait and sit elbow to elbow with the other diners... It's not the very best conditions for a planned meal with friends. Nevertheless, it's worth the trip to the southern end of Eimsbüttel (near Schanze). Because the Vienna is a rather hidden bistro institution since 1978 – behind Sprossenfront in the arbor. The restaurant has outgrown the artists' pub and has retained its charm. The seasonal daily recommendation is on the slate, otherwise there are Austrian classics with Mediterranean and vegetarian sprinkles. Must-try: Wiener Schnitzel with potato-cucumber salad, Tafelspitz and Szeged goulash. But also: young artichokes with ricotta dumplings and asparagus salad. Come around, but better early... (Fettstr. 2)

Dal Fabbro

Dal Fabbro is a reliably good address when it comes to Italian cuisine that should offer more than pizza and pasta. Namely, a pleasantly manageable menu with classics, of very good quality and seasonal freshness. Ten different antipasti, just as many pasta dishes with homemade pasta, saltimbocca, calf's liver, beef fillet, turbot – done. Is there more to wish for? Absolutely not. You sit nicely, inside between wine racks and peacefully outside on the small terrace. (Eppendorfer Weg 176)

More Eppendorf than Eimsbüttel


Afghan cuisine is rather foreign to you? At Maihan you can embark on a culinary journey to the Middle East, where influences from Turkish, Persian and Indian cuisine are clearly noticeable. This restaurant is the first address for Afghan cuisine in Hamburg. Maihan means home, but instead of eating on a spread-out cloth on the floor, you naturally sit here at tables in a traditional, but thoroughly modern and chic ambience. Afghan cuisine is known for strong spices like garlic, turmeric and ginger, which turn rice and meat dishes into an exotic treat. The barbecue skewers and kebabs are delicious, but you should try all the appetizers. Such as Borani Sardak, roasted carrots in tomato and onion sauce with fresh pita bread and yogurt mint dip.The appetizer platter is the recommendation, if you like sharing with a friend. (Eppendorfer Weg 240).

A few rewarding meters away from Eimsbüttel and Hafencity


The street "Lange Reihe" – pretty, beautiful, loud, funny, colorful – it's one of the most fun streets in Hamburg, especially since it's behind the train station in St. Georg. And right in the middle of it you'll find one of the Hanseatic city's greatest restaurants: the Cox. A legendary bistro classic that instantly transports guests to Montmartre with its white tablecloth, long counter and Art Nouveau interior. Here, Hanseatic understatement meets nonchalant savoir-vivre that even famous but unpretentious actors appreciate. Thankfully, the menu is manageable and changes weekly, both for lunch and dinner. The cuisine is primarily fresh and without much fuss. German dishes like fried black pudding with stewed apples and sauerkraut are on the menu, as well as raw salmon strands in soy-algae mariande. There's always a little French twist. (St. Georg, Lange Reihe 68)

Brücke 10

Hamburg without fish rolls is like Munich without a beer garden. Namely, nothing. In other words, the fish roll is one of the basic foods of the Hanseatic people. You can find them on every corner and they are usually fresh and good. Here, however, is the tip for the – expectedly – best fish sandwich: Brücke 10, where the spray splashes over the wall and the cry of seagulls is practically part of the service. Because not only tourists but also locals come here, you may have to wait a little longer for Bismarck herring, fish cakes, herb matjes, fried herring, baked fish or – royally – North Sea crabs in homemade rolls. Brücke 10 is more than just a fish stall, it's a very nice shack, maritime but not kitschy, with a sun terrace and sun deck – when the sun is shining. (St. Pauli, Landungsbrücken)