Cologne, 1. December 2022


You worked enough! Let's call it a day! You are hungry, thirsty and new in town? Here our restaurant guide for the airport.

The airport is only twelve kilometers from the city center. The trip by local train takes only 15 minutes. But on some days, even a short transfer is too far and a drive too tedious. That's why we've put together five tips for enjoying the airport, in close proximity to your ipartment. So you certainly won't have the feeling of being stranded in the departure hall, lost with a few fries. There are even people from Frankfurt who make a special trip to the airport for dinner.

The Roof im b’mine Hotel

Of course, you can also go up to the 12th floor for lunch (12 to 2 p.m.) and enjoy the international, fresh and Asian-inspired cuisine with regional origins. Teriyaki of knuckle of pork, for example, is a classic at 185 meters with a 360-degree panoramic view. But the urgent recommendation for The Roof is to enjoy the blue hour! When the skyline begins to glow at dusk, it's especially atmospheric up here. In summer, the terrace is open, and the bar, which is part of the restaurant (6 to 10 p.m.), is open until 1 a.m. and serves bar food and extravagant drinks when the kitchen has already closed. Planewatching is included. (Hotel b'mine Frankfurt Airport, Georg-Baumgarten-Str. 1)

Lindbergh’s Café

This is the place to go for breakfast or a well-made fresh snack. At two locations at the airport, Lindbergh's serves freshly made foccacias, sandwiches and wraps. You'll also have your choice of five different salad bowls. Some stop by just for the house-made sodas. (Gateway Gardens, 8 Amelia Mary Earhart St. and 6 Rita Maiburg Str. 6)

The Italian

Hungry for pizza, pasta and the like? Then you should visit The Italian in The Gateway Gardens. Here you'll find freshly made, solid Italian cuisine – even between 10 a.m. and midnight. But isn't it just an international food chain? That's right. But it doesn't matter, because the dishes are good and the outdoor terrace is a little sensation in the summer. (Amelia Mary Earhart St. 7)

Rewe Supermarkt

Let's get down to the practical basics: just a few meters from your ipartment, you'll find the nearest supermarket. The Rewe market offers 600 square meters of shopping space, not only fresh fruits and vegetables, but also all kinds of fresh food to go. A good sushi selection is freshly prepared on site. (Am Flughafen 1, between Amelia-Mary-Earhart-Strasse and Rita-Maiburg-Strasse)

Essen und Trinken im Flughafen

If there is not too much hustle for you inbetween all the travelers, you can also satisfy your huger and thirst in a good way at the airport. The offer at the huge airport between the three terminals is: huge. Thai, sushi, superfood, salads are available in abundance. But if it's schnitzel with fries or a burger you're craving after, there's a selection for that, too. The best way to get an idea of all the restaurants is here: The best way to get an idea of all the restaurants is here.