Cologne, 9. December 2022

A serviced appartment for bussiness guests and travellers offers smart solutions for temporary living

Today here, tomorrow there, then Hamburg, afterwards Bielefeld and Berlin. The job market demands maximum flexibility and employers demand a corresponding mobility of their employees. But even for freelancers, temporary employmens far from home and beyond the commuting distance that is reasonable for body and soul are becoming increasingly common. Because, despite digitalized workflows and processes in many companies, manpower and expertise are in demand on the spot. However, renting a second home for a short working period in another city during a few weeks or months only is out of the question. Because it's too expensive, too inconvenient and too complicated.
Eine Zweitwohnung für den kurzen Einsatz in einer anderen Stadt anzumieten kommt für einen Aufenthalt über einige Wochen oder wenige Monate aber nicht Frage. Weil es zu teuer, zu umständlich, zu kompliziert ist.

Vitra Lounge at our location ipartment Darmstadt / ©ipartment
The kitchen is part of the equipment of a serviced apartment / ©ipartment

Formerly a hotel, today a serviced apartment

In the past, such temporary work assignments in other cities were a classic case for a longer hotel stay. But: Fortunately, times are changing. Because in contrast to many city hotels or anonymous business hotels on the outskirts, serviced apartments from ipartment offer maximum living comfort even in the smallest unit XS. While conventional hotel rooms – not suite – are usually equipped with bed, bathroom and desk, a serviced apartment is a functional, contemporary design apartment. An apartment in which all living arrangements are taken into account, and which is also sophisticatedly, thoughtfully and luxuriously furnished.

One suitcase is enough

Temporary tenants will find, despite perhaps a small square footage, an efficiently designed apartment that offers a sleeping, living, cooking and relaxing area. So that temporary living allows a self-sufficient, individual and comfortable life in the foreign or new city. Whether residents prefer to cook at home or visit a restaurant, they don't need to arrive for their longstay with anything more than their luggage: Because in every apartment everything is thought of – from forks to sofa cushions.

Service is capitalized

And yet, in ipartments you don't have to live without the usual hotel services: Wifi, an in-house laundry, cleaning and laundry service are standard and included in the monthly rate. This means: fresh bed linen and towels are changed in a weekly rhythm or every two weeks. What makes temporary living not only more pleasant than in a rented apartment, but also far more sustainable than in a hotel with daily towel exchange. In some houses there are also rental bikes, coworking spaces, a gym or even a terrace. So not only are the essentials for everyday life covered, but also comfort for a better quality of life after a day's work. In the houses with coworking spaces, no one needs to fear the loneliness that comes with living away from home. Someone of the house residents can always be found in the lounge area.

Good locations, lots of service, few staff

The question is, how do the operators of serviced apartments or a boarding house, as these housing options are also called, offer so much comfort at an average lower price than that of a hotel? By saving the staff – that's the simple calculation. Because just as the booking of XS to XL apartments is digitalized, the check-in or extension of the apartment is also contactless. And: Instead of the staff behind the reception desk, the digital guest folder helps with the most urgent questions.

Serviced apartments from ipartment provide the contemporary answer to the requirements of today's labor market and meet the needs of demanding business nomads. This is because the houses are located either in attractive city center locations or exactly where the temporary work takes place: near the company premises or technology parks. But the design apartments are not only a solution for temporary work in another city, they often also serve as a transitional solution for a long-term relocation to cities where a tight housing market makes it difficult to find one's own four walls. Serviced apartments or boarding houses can be booked for up to six months as an interim rental model, making a permanent move much easier.

Speaking of relocation, a temporary move into a furnished apartment is also said to have worked wonders in cases of domestic marital disputes.