SPECIALS - Serviced Apartments - 250 x in Köln, Essen, Frankfurt und ab 2017 Hamburg / ipartment


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Our ipartment specials.

Send your request now using the keywords "Special Offer" at
0221.921 636 200 or welcome@ipartment.de

  • Opening SPECIAL
    Category XS only 1.190.– EUR/montinstead 1.290.– EUR/month
    Category S only 1.390.– EUR/month instead 1.490.– EUR/month
    >Minimum stay 1 month

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Sample picture category M
  • Wolfsburg Opening SPECIALS!
    Category M only 1.390.– EUR/month instead 1.590.– EUR/month
    Category L only 1.590.– EUR/month instead 1.890.– EUR/month
    Category XL only 1.790.– EUR/month instead 1.990.– EUR/month
    >Minimum stay 1 month

    To the reservation
Sample picture category M
    Category XS only 990.– EUR/month instead 1.090.– EUR/month
    Category S only 1.190.– EUR/month instead 1.290.– EUR/month
    Category M only 1.390.– EUR/month instead 1.490.– EUR/month
    Category L only 1.490.– EUR/month instead 1.590.– EUR/month
    Category XL only 1.950.– EUR/month instead 2.050.– EUR/month

    >Minimum stay 1 month

    To the reservation
Sample picture category L
  • Essen SPECIAL!
    Category XS only 890.– EUR/month instead 949.– EUR/month
    Category S only 990.– EUR/month instead 1.090.– EUR/month
    >Minimum stay 1 month

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CoWorking Space
  • CoWorking Frankfurt OPENING-SPECIAL: 
    A working place in our band new, ultramodern CoWorking Space. Just come in, take a seat and you can start working immediately. All categories S, M and L as special opening offer for 250 Euro/month

  • SPECIAL OFFER** for ipartment clients in Frankfurt:
    A work space in our brand-new, modern CoWorking space.
    Just come by, take a seat and start working.
    from 99 Euro per month for Space S
    **with a valid rental ipartment contract

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  • Specials cannot be combined

  • Not applicable to existing contracts

  • Special rates available on request and subject to availability.

  • In case of early departures within special priced contracts we shall recalculate the difference to the regular rent of the apartment. 

  • Special rates are only valid for the indicated time, afterwards we shall charge the regular rent price (exchange of rates possible during the contract term).

* Prices shown are subject to availability, season and category. An additional cleaning charge will be added to all rentals of more than a month.
All rental rates in Germany incl. 7 % VAT / In Switzerland rental rates excl. VAT (cleaning service, parking space incl. 8% VAT)