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Serviced Apartments

As the name suggests, serviced apartments include a regular cleaning service with change of towels and bed sheets. Additionally there is a contact person available around the clock or even an in-house concierge service. Serviced apartments are furnished and have a fully equipped kitchen. They can be booked for short and for long stay – between a day and a year. The rent including heating, electricity as well as wifi is often lower than the expenses for a hotel room. Serviced Apartments are generally situated in buildings with a homely character located centrally and with good connection to public transportation. First goal of the professional suppliers is to offer their guests a second home. Therefore, they usually lay much emphasis on a design-oriented and high quality furniture, which is appreciated not only by business customers.

Serviced Apartments are currently offered in the top-7-cities of Germany: in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. Due to the rising demand the young concept establishes itself more and more in smaller cities as Essen, Mannheim, Nürnberg or in the "car cities" Ingolstadt, Böblingen, Sindelfingen and Wolfsburg. „Germany is actually seen as the most important European growing business for service apartments." explains Anett Gregorius, CEO of Boardinghouse Consulting and operator of the independent booking platform The business has "rapidly developed": In the mid-90s we had approx. 50 houses on the German market, "today there are 750 houses with over 25,000 apartments available - with an upward trend" said Gregorius.

ipartment currently operates over 450 serviced apartments in Hamburg, Essen, Cologne, Frankfurt and Zürich. New locations in Wolfsburg and Böblingen / Sindelfingen are at present in construction. Consequently ipartment will operate over 900 serviced apartments in 2019 and will be one of Germany's market leader.