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Commuting increases the stress level.

Serviced Apartments can be a relief – as a second home at work. 

For about 17 million people in Germany long distances to work are part of their every day life. The majority is affected by it: feeling more stress and less recovery time. Although commuting avoids unemployment and secures career opportunities – exhaustion and frustration are the consequences. 

Added to 1 million people who commute weekly as well as those, who travel a lot and spend nearly no week in the office of their hometown.

Constant stress makes you sick 

Studies have shown that commuters, who are traveling for more than 90 minutes a day, often complain about headaches, backaches and stomach pain. The constant sitting leads often to overweight. Furthermore commuters suffer more quickly from hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and sleep disorders, are often nervous and less concentrated. No wonder, since even slight train delays can lead to an increase of a commuter's pulse frequency to the one of a parachutist. 

But commuting affects not only the health but also the general satisfaction: In a survey of more than 3,400 working nomads Canadian scientists from the University of Waterloo found out that life satisfaction decreases with the distance to work. Movement on the other hand could increase this satisfaction again - but not when this crucial time is being wasted on the way. Modern living concepts like serviced apartments can provide a significant help - they offer commuters a second home away from home.