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Anyone who has to travel and spend the night far from home, wants to feel safe. We at ipartment undertake anything to give you that security. Regardless, you are in a serviced apartment generally better off than in a hotel.

The advantages of a serviced apartment compared to a hotel

1. You share few common facilities and meet far fewer people

  • There is a less risk of bacteria due to a smaller number of guests using shared facilities (e.g. restaurants, fitness room, conference room).
  • You can avoid meeting people and public areas as you have your own furnished and fully equipped apartment.

2. You can cook your own soup in your own kitchen and don’t need to access highly frequented buffets or restaurants 

  • You can use your own kitchen, choose your own groceries and save food expenses.
  • Preparing your own meals enables you to wash your produce thoroughly and reduces the risk of contamination from food workers.


3. Your furniture and bedding have been used by far fewer guests and cleaned more intensively

  • Serviced apartments are frequently used by people on a long-term basis so there are less people changing the rooms.
  • The housekeeping team has more time to clean and disinfect the apartments in order to improve the high standard of hygiene.


4. You can clean your serviced apartment yourself at any time

  • You can choose between the cleaning by the housekeeping team or the cleaning by yourself.
  • Having access to your own cleaning and disinfecting supplies you can clean your apartment to your satisfaction without missing any germy spot.


5. You are less exposed to the risk of being quarantined, and if you are, you will enjoy the comfort of a design-serviced apartment

  • Staying in your own apartment it offers you a more comfortable and convenient situation as it feels like a second home.
  • Due to a smaller number of people staying in serviced apartment buildings there is also a much lower chance of a complete lockdown.


6. Serviced apartments are at least 40% cheaper than hotels – especially on the long run

  • The average rent for a serviced apartment is at least 40% cheaper than hotel rooms especially for longer periods. 
  • Serviced apartments offer several amenities and facilities as well as more space. Using you own kitchen and laundry room you can save money and remain independent from other service providers.

Tailor-made service - as permitted by the government and requested by you 

Of course, we are bound by the specifications of the Federal Government, so that we will limit our service, according to the relevant decrees. Until then, you decide whether you want to use our cleaning service, that will disinfect surfaces in your ipartment, or not. If not, you will receive a credit note in return.

Disinfected surfaces at reception desks, in elevators etc.  

We reserve the right to close the lounges in our houses for your and our safety. That we disinfect the surfaces in the public areas of our houses – i.e. at reception desks, in the lounges, elevators, laundry rooms etc. – even more frequently than before, goes without saying.

Simplified cancellation 

Our contractual cancellation conditions are – by nature – already flexible.
We always look for a fair solution and treat cancellations individually from case to case.

If you have any questions, please contact the concierge team in the house or the head office in Cologne at +49 (0) 221 921 636 200 or write an e-mail to

Your ipartment team!