Concept - Serviced Apartments - 250 x in Köln, Essen, Frankfurt und ab 2017 Hamburg / ipartment



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First Choice second home. Temporary living.

ipartment is the unique living concept for people who prefer to feel like home rather than just in another hotel. It’s for people who want to move into an apartment without lacking the amenities of a personal service.


The functional equipment and the private and personal atmosphere will make you feel at home quickly  - even if you are new in Cologne, Frankfurt or in another location of ours. Welcome to the first choice of your second home! 

Welcome to the first choice of your second home! 


Feeling comfortable and at home is not down to chance. With us you will experience a sophisticated and high-class furnishing concept and a fantastic service. We choose Italian design furniture and lighting from Arper, Artemide, Bonaldo and supplement it with custom-made furnishings and clear attuned colors on wall surfaces and textiles. But we don't just take beauty and aesthetics into account: a sound pragmatism is also fulfilled. Therefore we offer all the latest technical equipment which make life easier. The obligatory free WiFi, the flat screen TV or the iPhone docking station – just to name a few. 

The kitchen leaves nearly no wishes unfulfilled. Going out for a meal is nice – but every day? Sometimes it has to be home made. No problem, we offer: refrigerator, ceramic hob, microwave, espresso machine, pots, plates, glasses, cutlery... You only have to buy the ingredients and your mouth can already start watering.

And who cleans up afterwards? Our cleaning service. They step by to clean the surfaces and to change the towels, kitchen towels and bed sheets. Besides they pay attention that nothing is missing. Salt and pepper are part of the basic equipment just like the washing lotion in the bathroom and the detergent for the dishwasher that makes your plates and pots shiny. 

Living in the midst of life.

Every real estate agent tells you that the location is the most important thing? Well, we think so too! Because living in the midst of life feels great – especially when you are new in town. You go out of your ipartment and right in the centre of the fun: plenty of bars, restaurants and shopping possibilities are waiting for you. Are you traveling by car? No problem! We have parking spots at the ipartments and in the nearby parking garages. Or you can take the train, as the station is not far away either. 

With love for detail.

It’s not just the carefully chosen interior design, the exquisite bathrooms or the pictures on the walls. We also focus on the finer details and their quality, as the vacuum-sealed coffee capsules for the finest taste. You can relax and end your day with our „Welcome Package“. Next to the Fritz Cola, you’ll find chocolate and peanuts. Something to read? We have the latest issue of the magazine H.O.M.E. for you. And of course a practical city guide that allows you to get a first orientation. Have a nice stay!


I love ipartment.

One thing is certain: In your ipartment you are in best company.
May we introduce? 


Hamburg-Blankenese > Köln

Hartmut holds a leading position in a medium-sized company in Hamburg. As head of purchasing he travels a lot to meet suppliers and negotiate prices and conditions. Or he contacts his colleagues in the second plant situated in the Swabian Alb. Hartmut deals professionally a lot with numbers and compensates this with pure pleasure: a good glass of wine and a home-cooked meal – this is great! Just as the possibility to feel (almost) as comfortable in the ipartment kitchen as at the cooker at home. 


Berlin-Kreuzberg > Cologne

Patrick loves his neighbourhood: the alternative types of people, the life in a melting pot of cultures. He is an actor and he likes to observe people and their characteristics. Learning lines? Preferably on the streets in a café. And when he’s doing work for a TV station in Cologne, he just enjoys living in an ipartment of the Belgian Quarter, the coolest neighbourhood in town.

San Francisco > Frankfurt

Helen is a popular yoga instructor. She leads yoga retreats in distant countries like. Bali, Sri Lanka or Thailand. She teaches in the best yoga centres around the world. When she works in Frankfurt, she lives in an ipartment. Not only does she appreciate the private atmosphere, but also the fresh food in the daVinc Restaurant and the terrace where she can do yoga – with fresh air and a fantastic view. 

Paderborn > Essen

Mike lives in the countryside, in a nice, little village close to Paderborn – and he works in Essen, a city with many corporate headquarters. As he often does extra hours in the office, it’s impossible for him to drive home every day. The distance of 150km is too much for him. But not for Amelia, his daughter. When she misses him too much, she convinces her mom to visit him and then, they spend the night in Mike’s ipartment, which is designed to offer space even for a family.
Maybe not for a whole month, but at least for a few days.